STABLE WIND…. The name of our company refers to a wind that blows with stable force, always being favourable for sailors. Because when the wind blows steadily, there is enough time to properly prepare, optimally choose and set sails then adjust with possibilities to take advantage of natures resources… Then nothing should surprise or expose us to unnecessary nor risk. And we wish all sailors such winds! But it is not only about the wind, the word „stable” has a broader and deeper meaning for us. Because stabilisation itself is something we all need, we long for more and more often. Especially these days, when we have not felt confident or safe for a long time, plagued by natural disasters such as pandemics, fear for the future of our planet, or armed conflicts and the threat of their spread throughout the world. Therefore, let the name of our company be a manifesto of striving for the world to return to balance, a sense of security and stability.

As a company, we want to help our customers in this by supporting and cultivating sailing traditions in which we deeply value and believe in. We create our practices in an honest manner, free fromaggression and violence. Simply showing respect for people, ethical values and the heritage of sailing culture. Whilst at the same time reaching the heights of professionalism and caring for the needs of our customers through continuous development and moving forward with the latest technologies and trends.

Our company name has more meaning as a „stable” and here also a reference and tribute to the values hidden in nature and the extraordinary world of animals, from which we are convinced that we, as humans, can learn a lot from. That is why I invite you to our “Stable Wind” stable, where I believe that you will find support in what you need most today. And perhaps it will be one of the models of our yachts that we build with a passion, not only for ethics and sailing customs, but also with deep respect for nature in harmony.

My name is Małgorzata Kiersnowska and as the owner of the stable, I would like to assure you of my guarantee of implementing our values, mission and vision of our company. Also the quality of our yachts is not only my promise and dream, but above this the long and extensive experience of our crew and its management that meets even the most demanding and individual needs of our customers. Further to that we pay great attention to detail and understanding of the role and responsibility that we take upon ourselves as a shipyard when we hand over yachts to our customers.

Hence, our unprecedented care for all aspects and practices of our boatbuilding art is extraordinary for every single boat that is delivered from under our wings to our customers.

At this point, I would like to pay tribute and thank my late husband Michał for being at the helm of this sailing venture from its inception. For his passion, energy and enthusiasm, thanks to which, among others, our models of beautiful yachts „Scandinavia” were created, developed and continuously produced since 2021 by our Stable Wind shipyard. I believe that Michał sails today in the skies in the spirit of this shipyard, its ideals, customers and their future voyages.

We invite you to familiarise yourself with our offer and to contact us directly. Let our values and the sails of our yachts carry you on unforgettable voyages to places and moments you experience Stable Winds!”