Scandinavia 27


Scandinavia 27 a new unit to sail both inland and sea. The hull boat with a characteristic vertical prow taken out of the water was drawn as a marine unit, with a large „safety margin”. The boat is extremely brave and sedate, and with a large sail area as fast. The modern design gives the boat elegance, underlining its slender silhouette.

Scandinavia27 yacht is offered in three versions: with a sword speed (cat.C), with a pound and a removable fin plate fin type falszkil, which comes out of his pocket rotary blade (B).

The large width of the hull, high bulwarks, vertical stem led to earning a 6 – 8 berths, a large table where 8 people can sit down, galley and separate toilet compartment. The boat is so spacious that the couch in the cabin can decompose to give two additional place to sleep. The yacht is available in both charter and boats.

The deck is carefully shaped, broad and deep cockpit, which allows dry sailing even in a big roll. Convenient, low-half decks and superstructure with a flat roof, facilitate secure communications in the area of the mast. Boat accessories are top quality products Harken, Spinlock and Goiot.

The high stability of the boat, many solutions are designed with safety in mind, makes full use of large sails, which should make you Scandinavia 27 fun.

This all together makes Scandinavia 27 can be either a family boat for coastal shipping and comfortable yacht charter.

Scandinavia27 a boat for those who appreciate prestige, comfort and safety.

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Technical info

version of the swordversion of falszkilemversion of the pound
Overall length8,30 m
Hull length7,80 m
Waterline length7,30 m
Hull width2,98 m
Water line width2,39 m
Draught of hull0,35 m
Displacement to waterline2682 kg
Displacement to flood openings8650 kg
Immersion of the sword0,40 -1,55 m—–—–
Draught of falszkil—–0,85 – 1,55 m—–
Draught of keel—–—–1,30 m
Weight of boatok. 2450 kgok. 2450 kgok. 2800 kg
Weight of rotary blade127 kg50kg—–
Weight of ballast fin falszkil—–520 kg—–
Weight of keelok. 650 – 670 kg
Bottom ballast weightok. 450 kg—–—–
Ballast Factor—-—-—-
Cabin height1,82 m
Mast height10,0 m10,0 m10,00 m
Height of mast above waterline11,7 m11,7 m11,7 m
Basic Sailing31,5 m230,5 m230,5 m2
Fok13,0 m212,5 m212,5 m2
Grot18,5 m218,5 m218,5 m2
Spinnaker——45,0 m245,0 m2
Freeboard height (bow / stern)1,18/0,96
Number of crew max666
Number of berths4 + 24 + 24 + 2
Design CategoryCB (C)B (C)
Auxiliary engine / stationary6 – 13 HP8 – 13 HP8 – 13 HP
DesignerWojciech Spisak