Scandinavia 30


Scandinavia 30 is new monohull sailing yacht produced by Scandinavia Yachts shipyard company. Boat was designed along the lines on the fashionable scandinavian style, with lot of windows and arches in the superstructure and strongly lit cabin. Scandinavia 30 has great nautical properties. The boat is fast even in light winds, safe and gives a lot of fun for every crew member. Author of this project is very experienced designer-Wojciech Spisak.

Interior is combination of comfort, prestige and well-chosen luxury materials. The light and comfortable cabin is the perfect place to relax after a day’s sailing. Extensive configuration, many available types of wood and upholstery give the customer a great oversell to personalize boat.

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Technical info

Version of the swordVersion poundRevision falszkil
Length of hull8,76 m
Length waterline8,26 m
The width of the hull2,96 m
Width waterline2,54 m
Draught of hull to waterline1,25 m
Displacement to waterline4280 kg
Draught max1,73 m1,78m0,94 / 1,72
Weight of boat3600 kg3700 kg3750 kg
Weight of fins150 kg910350 + 150 kg
Bottom ballast weight730 kg0 kg550 kg
Height in cabin1,92 m
Height of mast11,00 m
Height of mast above waterline12,76 m
Fok16,0-16,5 m2
Genoa18,0-19,0 m218,0-20,5 m218,0-20,5 m2
Gennaker / spinnaker55,0 m260,0 m260,0 m2
Freeboard height (bow / stern)1,14/0,96 m
Number of crew max766
Number of berths6 + 1 lub 5 + 15 + 15 + 1
Design categoryCBC or B
Inboard engine (optional)13,0-18,0 HP
DesignerWojciech Spisak