Technical info

Version of the swordVersion poundRevision falszkil
Length of hull8,76 m
Length waterline8,26 m
The width of the hull2,96 m
Width waterline2,54 m
Draught of hull to waterline1,25 m
Displacement to waterline4280 kg
Draught max1,73 m1,78m0,94 / 1,72
Weight of boat3600 kg3700 kg3750 kg
Weight of fins150 kg910350 + 150 kg
Bottom ballast weight730 kg0 kg550 kg
Height in cabin1,92 m
Height of mast11,00 m
Height of mast above waterline12,76 m
Fok16,0-16,5 m2
Genoa18,0-19,0 m218,0-20,5 m218,0-20,5 m2
Gennaker / spinnaker55,0 m260,0 m260,0 m2
Freeboard height (bow / stern)1,14/0,96 m
Number of crew max766
Number of berths6 + 1 lub 5 + 15 + 15 + 1
Design categoryCBC or B
Inboard engine (optional)13,0-18,0 HP
DesignerWojciech Spisak