Scandinavia 650 Cruiser


Scandinavia 650 Cruiser, known as a weekend yacht, is a true gem for sailing enthusiasts. Combining a thrilling Scandinavian 650 Cruiser design with functionality, it offers a remarkable experience on the water, enabling dynamic sailing adventures with family and friends. With its innovative lifting keel and genoa, it facilitates seamless exploration of shallow lagoons as well as deeper waters with utmost ease.

The Scandinavia 650 Cruiser ensures both safety and speed through its precisely engineered ballast. Regardless of weather conditions, you can embark on your sea adventures with confidence, knowing that your experience will not only be exhilarating but also secure. Moreover, the easy transportability of this vessel allows for seamless travel across the waters of the world, ensuring unforgettable moments with every sail.

Design by Jerzy Pieśniewski.

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Technical info

Overall length6,50 m
The length of the water line6,10 m
Hull width7,30 m
Width of the water line1,78 m
Draught of hull0,38/1,35 m
Weight of boatok. 750 kg
Height in cabin1,35 m
Number of berths4
Basic Sailing21,0m2
DesignerJerzy Pieśniewski